Fogg System

Why is really crucial to protect your home or enterprise?
Any attempt of theft or break-in in your house or in your enterprise cause economic and psychological trauma: the economic damages and the fear of being robbed again are just some of the consequences. To protect yourselves and your own property is very essential to secure serenity and confidence in the future. UR Fog is the ultimate technology to avoid thefts.

Why it blocks thieves in few seconds?
Usually criminal acts are committed in few minutes and police may not arrive on time. Only a security fogging system is able to protect the first 15 minutes. Without a fogging system connected to your alarm thieves have all the time needed to act and run away before police arrive where is requested. With UR Fog you have the guarantee to be able to block thefts just in first few seconds. Actually fog protection is the best active security system.

Why it is impossible to steal what is impossible to see?
That is why it is so needed to install the innovative UR Fog system – this is the only system able to stop thieves before they can get anything of your goods or even enter in your property.
Because you cannot see anything in the fog and there is no way to avoid it.
Because thanks to the fog your property is protected immediately.
Because fog remain in the environment for a long time, doesn’t leave any residue and it is absolutely safe for objects, people and animals.

Why fogging sytems are the best choice?
Because all standard alarms cannot avoid that thieves may enter into your shop, warehouse or property . Even if the warning signals are activated, thieves know that the police need at least 10-15 minutes to arrive where is required, while thieves need a few minutes to enter, steal and escape. That’s why just alarm systems are not sufficient any more, and the installation of Fog generators with your alarm system is becoming a need.

Why there are so many advantages installing UR Fog systems?
With standard alarms and video surveillance systems you can be warned of a attempt of intrusion but you cannot avoid it and usually for a thief it takes from 2 to 5 minutes to complete a theft. UR fog generators are so quick in fog ejection that in few seconds you cannot see anything and there is no way to see through fog. UR Fog is the only way to protect your goods.

With UR Fog you are protected for at least the first 15 minutes from an attempt of intrusion and there is no way to see through fog.

Why UR Fog is suitable for any environments and for any business?
The years of experience in the security fogging industry have confirmed that there are no limits for the use of fog security. Designed for large and small environments, UR Fog systems can be installed absolutely anywhere – in offices, supermarkets, warehouses, schools, banks, enterprises, etc..

Because they are the fastest fogging security systems in the world
Because they are the most competitive in price
Because they have unique and exclusive system of one-use cylinders
Because they have two cylinders to handle them in an easier way
Because they have the most dense fog

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