Fast 03 1C PRO

FAST 03 1C PRO is the ideal fogging system to protect small /medium areas like shops, homes, bank atm machines and generally all professional applications where is needed a top security technology. it is equipped with 1 cylinder for a very convenient , reliable and redundant shooting , shoots up to 200/300 m3 of dense fog in about the 20 seconds. it is very fast and competitive.


The best security system for small to medium areas. The FAST 03 1C PRO equipped with 1 cylinder is the efficient Fog security for many premises like shops, banks, rooms where expensive equipment is located, etc.
Why use the Fast 03 1C PRO Fog security system?
It`s reliable… You can always depend on this system for an ultimate protection.
Redundant shooting with shoots average from 200/m3 to 300/m3.
Fast! It fills up the entire place within 20 seconds.
Competitive in both quality and price!

Applying this security system will help you get the maximum security along with competitive cost