FAST 02 2C

Compact size and a pleasant stylish look, very fast in fog emission, covers up to 600 m3 in just 30 seconds , has two cylinders, which can provide more than 1500 m3 of fog. Fog tanks with single-use cylinders without the need of expensive and complicated refills. It has a new and patented double cylinder system which lets use 100% of liquid in the cylinders without any waste and thanks to pressure control it switches automatically from first cylinder to second, even during shooting. Standard color white but it can be requested in any RAL color (ask your dealer). Can be connected to any alarm system. It is the ideal choice for medium size areas. The system is equipped with a USB port for monitoring parameters of the machine and you can also manage failure messages and empty cylinder advise even from remote.


High-quality product with the ability to cover 1800m3 with fog in only 60 seconds with 2 cylinders. No other security system can prevent a crime like this product with its very efficient generator!
Another feature in the fast-02-2c Fog security system is the presence of Fog tanks with single use cylinders, which means no further need for the expensive yet complicated reels.
However, the main advantage of this model fast-02-2c Fog security system is the new and patented double cylinder system.
How can a double cylinder system make a difference?
Using this system, we can ignore any waste from the liquid In the cylinders. That`s due to the power of the pressure control, which, even during shooting, switches automatically from 1st to 2nd cylinder.
Usually, the fast-02-2c Fog security system comes in the white color as the standard color. But, customers can always ask their dealer for other available colors.
Despite the major advantages of this model that we mentioned above, there are much more factors make you easily decide to buy this model, like:
It`s the best to use at medium size places
Easily be connected to others alarm systems
Supported with USB port
Monitor machine`s parameters remotely
Manage failure messages remotely
Manage cylinder advice remotely