• Includes: Alarm Panel,
  • Wireless PIR, 2 Remote
  • Controls and GSM


The most powerful security system. Enjoy the maximum protection levels with the rapid emission of the UR Fog EASY security system. This system can definitely prevent a break-in with its dense and long-lasting fog. Although this system is very powerful in Fog emission and its characterised to be very dense, but it leaves no residual after fog-shooting.
This system is featuring a single-use fog cylinders, which are very easy to change and produce 200m3 of fog in just 18 seconds. It means, only 18 seconds are enough to block vision in the secured room. That`s how this system is powerful in preventing thefts to happen.
It`s easy to connect the UR Fog EASY+ to other alarm systems, which is considered another crucial advantage in this product.
Why buy the UR Fog EASY security system?
Save power consumption! This product operates at a low power consumption, means more savings!
Safe!! The used Fog fluid is certified and is not harmful for either people or animals.
Save more money!!! The UR Fog EASY security system comes at a very competitive price!
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